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I launched CAKE&WHISKEY from the kitchen table nearly 3 years ago with three boys underfoot, a partner in the midst of a 2 year layoff and no significant seed money. Now, CAKE&WHISKEY is subscribed to in 11 countries and across the United States. There are hobnobs in 10 cities (and counting) and the brand continues to expand thoughtfully and carefully, always ensuring that our manifesto leads the way.

The manifesto of CAKE&WHISKEY is simply this:

In a world where so much is not, we believe in genuineness.
Championing all women who are living lives of courage and decency.
We curate their journey through meaningful storytelling that has enduring value.
Their stories hold powerful truths. Within them, both inspiration and aspiration are found.
Some are sweet.
Some are spirited.
And all remind us to chase our dreams with purpose and passion.

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