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Art of Homemaking


Ten years ago I launched a blog, the Art of Homemaking, as a way to journal life with my three boys (it was my solution to the hours of scrapbooking that I had no interest in). Blogging got me into the practice of writing and in a creative mindset that I had failed to tap into before. A true gift to a young stay-at-home-mom with wee ones underfoot.

Through the Art of Homemaking I have made so many friends around the world. Doors were opened for sharing my discoveries, both successes and failures, of timeless homemaking principles in publications both big and small.

The growth of CAKE&WHISKEY keeps Art of Homemaking more of a backburnered personal project right now. But it’s still my heart. I still occasionally post recipes from the kitchen or a crafty tutorial or ramblings about life. Hop over and visit me there from time to time.

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