Raspberry Cordial

Recipes for homemade cordial vary. Some call for macerated berries boiled down with sugar and some even include raspberry jam. A number of recipes can be enjoyed right away while others take months to develop. I stuck with the most nostalgic method, which takes three months of patient waiting to enjoy. All good things come to those who wait, right? Cheer up. You can use the leftover vodka in a post-cordial making cocktail.


Raspberry Cordial

1 large wide mouth Mason Jar (measuring approximately 6.5 inches tall)
12 ounces Fresh Raspberries
1 cup Sugar
Distilled Water


1. Sterilize your jar and lid. A quick internet search for “sterilizing mason jars” will give you the steps needed to clean your jar and lid properly. This is an essential step.

2. Clean the berries.

3. After the jar is sterilized and dry, layer the ingredients in the jar in this order; sugar first, berries second. Add vodka until the jar is 3/4 full and top with distilled water. Do not stir.

4. Place the lid on the jar and store it in a cool, dark place for at least three months.